Thursday, October 16, 2014

When A Failure Is Technically A Failure?

So on June 23, 2014  I said that I was going to make some drastic life changes and I was committed to being healthier.    Today is Thursday October 16, 2014 and I am only a couple few days down the road to where I want to be.    The reasoning behind this can be discussed at a different now.

For now I am going to share what I am grateful for today:

  • Eating Relatively Clean
  • Obtaining A Pass At A Nearby Fitness Centre
  • Writing This Post
  • Reading An Outstanding Article On

Be committed to being better tomorrow that you were today.

Until we read again,


p.s.   To answer the subject question, one is only a failure if they give up completely because we can only start from where we are.   Be Great!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Daddy's Are Important

One of the things that my best friend and I had in common is our estranged relationship with our father's and mother's who didn't have much nice to say about them.  According to my Ma,  my Dad was a deplorable human being.   According to my friends Ma, his Dad was a loser who wanted nothing to do with him.

Fast Forward To Adulthood.  

I learned that my Dad was a pretty awesome fellow who expressed his  sincere love for me in a very unique way.  My friend also learned that his Dad was an awesome fellow and figured out that his mother had been in a sense lying to him about his Dad all of these years.   As a side note this caused a strain in his relationship with his mother and they rarely speak today.

Fast Forward To Last Year. 

My telephone rang.  Despite my habit of not answering strange numbers something told me to pick up so I did.  It was the hospital in the nearby town where my Dad lives.   My father was taken in because of a nasty fall he took and was diagnosed with severe dementia.  I've visited him and talked to him many times since and although he is pretty cognitive,  his memory is not the best and he forgets all if not most of what we talk about.

My friends Dad surprisingly came into town to visit him and his family last Friday.   A severe  abdominal discomfort that his Dad experienced last Saturday led to a precautionary trip to the hospital.   Today is Wednesday and his Dad has been there ever since,  he has also been completely unresponsive since last Sunday.    Today doctors performed a fourth operation and they still do not have a diagnosis.   Barring a medical or serendipitous manifestation,  death would appear to be looming in the horizon.

I read a note earlier today from a friend of mine who was getting ready to take her Dad to the hospital after an unsuccessful round of chemotherapy had not done anything to improve her Dad's cancer.  She said that she just wants him to "get better" and that this entire process of watching her dad suffer by going through this is "emotionally draining".

My girlfriend received a horrific call approximately three weeks ago.  Her young, in-shape athletic Father was found dead in his home of an apparent heart attack.  Needless to say she was mortified,  no one is ever prepared to answer that call.

Why this sad blog about dying and ailing Dad's?   Is it to cause you to feel guilty for whatever relationship you have or don't have with your father?   Not really.

The purpose of this blog is to help you realise the importance that Dad's have in our lives and how to improve on this connection going forward if you're able.

Here's my message to.......

Dad's >>  Even if you've made mistakes in the past or are not geographically present in your child's life, You Are Important To Them.   Let me repeat that in another way, You Are Important To Your Children.   Make it a point starting at this precise moment in time to be the best father you could be to your kids regardless of their age or anything that has happened in the past.

Alieniating Mothers >>  Being a victim of PAS, this is not the easiest thing to write without allowing sarcasm or passive aggression take over.  All I will say is that the person\people you are hurting the most by using your kids as leverage are your kids.  The invisible psychological damage you are inflicting on your child(ren) right now could wreak havoc in their future relationships and life in general.   Please STOP and leave any unresolved or angry feelings you have towards your kid's Dad out of the way and focus on championing their relationship.

Everyone Else >>  Appreciate your Dad for who he is and the good fun things he had done versus condeming him for what he didn't do or who you think he is.  If you're able to do so, pay your Father a surprise visit or make a surprise call.  Catch up, ask him how he's doing and make sure you tell him that you love him because the day might come when you know longer have the opportunity to do so.

Until we read again,


Friday, August 22, 2014

Varying Degrees Of Happiness In Kindergarten

Today was hands down my favourite day of this week thusfar.  I got to see my twins on a non-parenting day.  Their school allows for parents to bring their children lunches and even eat with them, so I decided to bring the girls a surprise lunch today.

Actually it was pre planned.  Yesterday when we spoke on the telephone Sue, the younger of the twins, said that she wanted for me to bring her lunch and hang out.  But Sally,  the twin who doesn't seem to be 100% on board with loving me right now, actually told me not to bring her lunch and made it 200% crystal clear that she WAS NOT going to be sitting with Sue and I at lunch today.

I empowered Sally,  telling her that she had my complete permission to change her mind and that if she decided that she wanted lunch today to just have her mom send me her lunch request in the morning and that I would bring it to her.

I signed into the front office of the school without a moment to spare and briskly walked into the cafeteria wearing a bright yellow "Visitors Badge" around my neck.  I saw both Sue and Sally serrendipitiously next to one another.   Sally was standing,  vigorously rubbing sanitizer in her hands and Sue was seated patiently waiting for her meal.

A huge smile engulfed my face as I waved and approached my girls.   I simultaneously placed Sue ' s lunch in her hands as I gently placed my hand on Sally ' s upper back and asked them both how they were doing.   Sue responded with a joyously curt "good" and started enjoying her meal whilst Sally abruptly pulled away and screamed "I AM NOT EATING WITH YOU! " in front of whoever was paying attention.   Sue made a slight attempt to persuade her sister to eat with us but Sally had obviously made up her mind.

I probably had one of the most joyously rewarding dining experiences in my life having lunch with Sue and all her classmates.  Sue introduced me with pride to all her little friends and they all tried to tell me cool things at the same time.   Innocence,  wonder,  amazement,  curiousity and all things good filled the room.  I attempted to make eye contact with Sally,  who was sitting a few tables over, and get her attention numerous times during the meal without much success.   It was clear that Sally didn't want anything to do with me as she glared angrily back once and ignored all other attempts.

After eating we went out to the playground for a brief recess before the end of their lunch period.  Sue was so excited that I was going to play and have recess with her and talked about that a lot while we were eating.   Sue continued to introduce me to anyone who hadn't already met me as her "Daddy Jaxon" and was clinging on to me the entire play period.

Sally,  on the other hand played keep away from me and wouldn't  speak to or get near me.  At one point she sent a little boy over to 'beat me up' then start shooting me with fake guns.   She also had another group of her friends throw a football at me when I wasn't looking.  Guess I don't know for sure whether or not Sally prompted this behavior but it was coming from the group of kids she was playing with.

Suddenly,  the bell rung.  All kids quickly and obediently ran into their respective line's and I said bye to the girls.   Sue acknowledged me and told me how excited she was about getting to spend the weekend with me.  Sally acted like I wasn't even there.

Author Robert Fulgrum (sp) wrote a brilliant book entitled "Everything I Learned In Kindergarten".  In this book he shares various stories and talks about how various life rules are learnt in kindergarten like; play nice,  use your manners,  respect others etc.   Today's experience definitely proved his theory to be true.  The experience, although not 100% favorable due to Sally ' s disinterest and standoffishness,  was definitely joyously therapudic.

I definitely look forward to dining with Sue and Sally at school again at least one other time this school year.  There is much happiness that is derived from being in such an environment.  Maybe next time Sally will be the one introducing me to her friends.

Until we read again, 


p.s. Happy First Day of school to those of you with children starting either right before or right after Labour Day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I Won't Bad Mouth This Fast Food Behemoth Even Though.....

It would be easy to bad mouth this fast food establishment.    Mostly because everyone else does.    Remember that movie that Morgan Spurlock made about this place?     Pretty airtight logical and emotional case if you ask me.     This past weekend I grabbed a double jalapeno quadruple quartz perambulator burger from their $2.00 Or Better Menu and I got food poisoning for the first time in my life.  Not only did I embarrassingly hurl at a party that I drove about two hours to get to right when I got there, the entire social aspect of my weekend was dulled because of the venomous hamburger. 

Here's the million dollar question.    Why, despite well-made documentaries telling the general public about the dangers of this place and mine and similar stories do we still eat and fit our kids this bullshit?    This will have to be a rhetorical question because even though we have both already thought of a couple answers in our heads,  millions of folks are shoving this garbage into their faces as you are reading this. 

Does this lovely clown endorsed most popular restaurant on the globe sprinkle some type of addicting agent all over their meals to keep us coming back for more similar to what tobacco companies have supposedly been doing to cigarettes for years? 

Bottom line is that our favourite fast food restaurant is not at fault for our big waistlines and our self-imposed gastrointestinal horrors.   What's more they have been making strides to improve the quality and nutritional value of their food by adding apples to their Smile Meals and no longer Max Sizing their pop and french fry orders just to name a few examples.  WE ARE at fault for any damage that is caused here.    The market is speaking, as long as we are buying millions of hamburgers, shakes, fries, etc on a daily basis there is no one else at fault for their continued success.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tony Stewart Is Innocent ?

I stayed home from work today because of feeling under the weather and decided to catch up on some current events because I really don't follow the news.   The death of Robin Williams was tragic to hear about because of the actor that he was and his serious bout of depression.    The other thing that got me was how a vehicle driven by race car driver Tony Stewart murdered 20 year old Kevin Ward Jr.

Whether or not this was done intentionally this is a tragic moment because Tony Stewart was driving a vehicle that murdered another human being and Kevin Ward Jr is no longer on the physical plane.    Tragedy aside there are two curious things that I find about the story. 


First of all in my humble opinion NASCAR is not a "sport".   I'll give it that it could be entertaining and it has a large loyal fan base but it is not a "sport" in the traditional sense of the word only because if it was most if not all gymnasiums and aerobic classes would all but go out of business because your morning commute to work would replace your morning cardio.     Moral of my opinion; NASCAR is not a sport, if NASCAR is a sport that WWE wrestling is real. 

The second thing that I find curious about this story is how many folks are blindly supporting Tony Stewart presuming him innocent of doing any thing wrong and people are even asking for others to reach out to his sponsors to express support.   I get "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" but this is taking it to a new level.   These folks are saying that Tony Stewart is 'Innocent and Will Be Proven Innocent.'

This is an assine point to take because we don't know what we don't know.    If you don't believe me let's see what happened to Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers.   Aaron Rodgers blindly supported his friend Ryan Braun by publicly stating that Braun did not use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) because Braun told Rodgers that he didn't during a private conversation.    Then one day out of the blue,  Ryan Braun was suspended from baseball because of PEDs and Mr. Rodgers had egg on his face.       Funny thing about this story is that Braun told Rodgers that he was innocent and did not take PEDs 

The moral of the story is that people can say what they want to say, do what they want to do and support who they want to support.   However, at the end of the day the truth shall prevail.  If someone is willing to lie to a high caliber friend to their face and end up being guilty why are some folks finding it so easy to defend Tony Stewart just because he is their favourite racer? 

Until we read again, 


p.s.   NASCAR is not a sport.   If anyone begs to differ I am open to commentary below. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Hungry Don't Get Fed

The Hungry Don't Get Fed

'Winner Didn't Even Know It Was Pie-Eating Contest" via
Have you ever heard of the saying "the hungry don't get fed" or the biblical equivalent "to he who hath more will be given"?  Basically this is saying that the person who is desperate for something will more than likely not get the thing they want when the person who is satisfied in an arena will probably get more of what they already have. 

Take today for instance.   I was treated to lunch at around 11:30am and then around 0200pm I was invited to a Hispanic themed catered buffet!    Are you kidding me?   I was already stuffed from my original lunch, how was I going to eat a buffet?!?!?!    Lucky for me I was resourceful so I packed up the second plate and took in home for supper.    Maybe this is what the person who said "There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" had in mind when the phrase was coined...

The moral of today's story is to examine your life at your leisure and notice any areas where you are operating from a scarcity standpoint and then correct course only because The Hungry Don't Get Fed

Until we read again,


p.s.   For more information more why The Hungry Don't Get Fed and how you can improve your current lot in life feel free to visit the following website for some fantastically free resources.    

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Best Fitness Course Of 2014?

Are Your Biceps Big Enough?

Yesterday I was sitting across from a good friend of mine who was telling me that he was in the process of writing a fitness e-book.     He was telling me that what led him to this decision was that he was having random people in the gym walk up to him and ask if he could train them.    At first he thought that it was peculiar that people didn't know how to work out and eat right because it comes so intuitively to him.       Somewhere along the line a light went off in his mind to put something down on paper to teach individuals to reach their goals in a fool-proof, step-by-step paint by numbers fashion.   This is not some guy that is just blessed with good genetics and puts words on a paper and comes up with abstract almost impossible to perform exercises to give off the impression that he has a competitive advantage.   He is someone who has lost fat and has gained muscle quickly and efficiently using the principles that you will read about. 

Only because the product is still in it's infancy there is not too much else that could be divulged right now.   What I can say is that not only will the program be perfectly priced, it will also be specifically designed for you and your particular desired end result.   The best fitness advice that you will ever receive will be the advice that you get results from. 

Stay tuned.........the moment you have been waiting for may just be waiting in the wings. 

Until we read again, 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

A 121 Degree Walk To Remember

Negative Motivation and Extreme Exercise 

Phoenix broke extreme heat records for two days in a row now, the car thermometer read 121 but the official high was registered at 116 degrees.   At around 4:00 pm today I decided that it would be a good idea to take a 44 minute outdoor walk around the neighborhood.  In case you are wondering I am okay, other than the fact that I realised that it is time to get a different pair of sneakers. 

So what motivated me to participate in this extreme cardio session?   Some people have told me that it is because I am weird and that might have something to do with it however, the real reason is because of a fellow i ran into at work today. 

I was following this fellow on the sidewalk towards the front door of my office and I was kind of in a hurry because I was running late coming back from lunch.    This gentleman was walking r e a l l l l l l y slow,  probably in his mid to late 50's, was using a cane to walk and did not appear to be healthy by any stretch of the imagination.   Normally I would get annoyed if I was being slowed down by such a fellow but today I had a different reaction.    A voice started playing in my head which said, "Jaxon, if you don't start exercising regularly and eating better this could be your future."
This short mental movie was enough to make me walk for almost an hour in the scorching Arizona sun.   Now it's up to me to decide weather or not I want to use this image to motivate me to move away from a destination that I do not want to arrive to. 

Moral of the story is if you need some extra motivation to work towards your exercise and fitness goals maybe you just need to observe an unhealthy individual and realise that your sound nutritional choices and diligent exercise will help you travel down a more desirable spot.    

Until we read again, 


Friday, July 11, 2014

How Jeremy Lin and Lebron James May Be Making You Fat

A Day In The Nutritional Life Of An Average American?

Happy 7-11!!!!   July is such an awesome time.    Americans start the month by celebrating their independence and for many July is  the last full summer month before kids head back to school so there are lots of vacations time planned.  The World Cup helped enhance the month of July this year along with some guy named Lebron James who just may steal the spotlight during Sunday's World Cup Final as it is rumored that he will be in attendance. 

What's  fascinating about Lebron James is how everyone seems to have a strong feeling about him one way or the other.    There are a lot of Lebron haters out there but then at the same time there are a lot of Lebron lovers who in some cases are also bandwagon fans (see p.s.).     Okay, so in the event that you were really busy today or just not concerned about sports, NBA phenom Lebron James decided to go back to the Cleveland Cavaliers after a four year two championship hiatus in Miami wearing number six for the Heat.    The following story is a fictional account of how a typical American and possible emotional eater may have allowed today's circumstances to determine their nutritional choices.  Enjoy. 

Jumpin' Jack is a huge Jeremy Lin fan, Lakers Fan and Lebron James fan.  He also likes Tim Tebow and still makes it a point to Tebow every time something unexpectedly fantastic happens to him.    Today's news about James going back to Cleveland and  Lin getting traded to the Lakers made Jack super excited and he felt a need to celebrate.     One of his Facebook pals posted something about how 7-11 was giving away free Slurpee's today in  honor of July 11th.     Jack just had Chick-fil-A a few hours prior but he rationalized all of the exciting news as a good excuse to follow-up that meal with a free Slurpee, plus he didn't have breakfast because he never eats breakfast as he just doesn't get hungry until later in the day.    Funny side story is that Jack dressed up like a cow in order to get his Chick-fil-A for free, good thing he just happened to have last years Halloween costume in his car, darn fast food restaurants and the hoops they make one jump through just to get a free meal.    The gall of some places!!!

Jack's next caloric intake after the Slurpee was some movie popcorn saturated in so much butter than it was double  bagged  that he shared with his loving girlfriend Marvelous Martha who really wanted to see Dawn Of The Planets Of the Apes.     After the movie Martha and Jack had some appetizers and a couple drinks at the local sports bar where Jack pretty much ignored Martha paying more attention to the sports wrap and their analysis of Lebron James, Jeremy Lin and this weekends World Cup Finals.     After they left the bar they happened to come across a Krispy Kreme doughnut shoppe and helped them celebrate their 77th Birthday by sharing a dozen doughnuts that they only had to pay 77 cents for. 

Now, I am not one to talk yet but I am at a level of conscious incompetence when it comes to healthy eating and realize that I, like Jumpin' Jack,  make imperfect nutritional choices by not having a plan, emotional eating and using the cost of food versus the nutritional value of food, etc.     Eventually, these habits will be replaced with empowering upward spiral habits but for the time being I am going to fill out the following form to see if I can be a Cleveland Cavaliers fan this upcoming NBA season. 

Until we read again, 




Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Dirty $30

Sweat is pouring off of my hands and onto the keyboard as I write this.   I just completed my make shift body weight exercise at 30 reps per exercise and I feel great.    Looking forward to a possible gym workout over the next couple days. 

Speaking of the gym, I received an e-mail earlier today stating that my employer was able to negotiate a wonderful corporate rate at the local fitness centere for $29.99 a person for the entire family.     At first I thought that this was a screaming bargain because if you had a family of eight including yourself you would pretty much be paying $3.75 a month per person for a gym membership.     After reading it a couple times and talking about it with some of my colleagues I learned that the same membership for eight people would cost $239.92 per month because the super-duper spectacular corporate rate of $29.99 was the per person rate. 

Needless to say I will not be requesting a membership at this gymnasium, at least not at the $29.99 rate only because I would be able to negotiate a lower rate as a walk-in client. 

This causes me to think of something.     How prevalent is money as an obstruction between people and their current health goals, if at all?    Also, how much is too much to pay for a gym membership?   Finally, is the amount you pay for membership to a fitness centere and food in direct proportion to one's potential results?   (i.e.   The more you spend the more fit you get or at least are motivated to get.)

Until we read again, 


Monday, July 7, 2014

Portion Control & Falling Off The Wagon

Haven't blogged for a while, feel completed to share some thought provoking thoughts before retiring for the evening.

One is that I learned eliminating certain foods\caloric vehicles from your body does have an almost immediate impact and the second thing that I stumbled upon today is that portion control can have a similar effect if not better when eating the proper foods.

Here is an excellent quote that I saw the other day while skimming the web:

"Losing weight is like driving.   If you miss your turn all you have to do is make a u-turn to get back on track" 

Here is another phenomenal quotation that I came across that is actually pretty poignant in my current situation:

"Even The Greatest of Greatests Fall.   Get Back Up.   Dust Yourself & Keep Movin' " 

Have the best day of your life.

Until we read again,



p.p.s.    In case you are not aware the fellow on the ground in the above photograph is the great Muhammad Ali.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Texting In The Boys Room


With the popularity of texting one would think that the word 'texting' would actually be recognized by spell check.    You ever wonder what some folks would do if they did not have their smart phones as a reprieve while, waiting for anything, walking anywhere or driving for some although it is highly recommended that you don't text and drive?    There is even a video that went viral a few years ago of a woman falling into a water fountain in a shopping mall because she was too busy playing on her telephone to realize where she was going.

The following observation of Extreme Texting For Men may cause a few WTF's or TMI's but you will definitely have something to think about.    I used to be under the impression that a bio break was a type of mini-vacation built into our day to allow us to just relax and de-stress if needs be.    Recently a new phenomenon has been observed that I would like to discuss here.    The observed male Extreme Texting behvaiour that has been sweeping the nation is texing at the urinal.   The one handed urinal text is the preferred method but the two handed urinating text is also employed in extreme circumstances.  The biggest question here is what could be so important that one feels compelled to text during this time of your day?

Moral of the story.   Do what you want, live and let live while realising how extreme text messaging may or may not be controlling your health.

Until we read again,


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why We Eat Horribly

How Dollars and Cents Are Causing Us To Consume What Doesn't Make Sense

I was standing in line behind a woman who was purchasing a salad about the size of a small cereal bowl at the cafeteria earlier today.    When she got up to the cash register she placed her Styrofoam container of salad on a scale and was charged a whopping $4.88 for her small salad comprised of mostly spinach, croutons and some egg whites.    The fellow in front of her paid a little over $6 for what looked like to be a bagful of tater tots (any Napoleon Dynamite fans) and a king-kong 3/4 pound bacon blue cheese burger.    

I can easily see where a person who is price sensitive or of the bang for the buck mindset would make a poor nutritional choice at this point.     What are you thoughts?    Do you ever make economically based food choices?    Would you make better choices if better food was less costly than their least healthy alternatives?     Comment Below. 

Until we read again, 


Monday, June 30, 2014

Room 222

Late Night Blog

From The Desk Of Mr. Obvious:

Late night blogging is much healthier than late night eating from a disgusting food from disgusting establishments who spend millions of dollars advertising to people who are up late.

Spending money on a gym membership is more rewarding and will have more long term benefits than spending twice as much money on an outing to the local watering hole with your buddies drinking egregious amounts of alcohol and fried foods. 

Progress is more important than perfection because you can always get better but you will never be perfect. 

Until we read again, 


p.s.    Great Advice:

p.p.s.     Go USA Tomorrow in their World Cup Game against Belgium

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Process Of Elimination : Day Six\Seven 84\83 To Go

The Best "Program" Is The One That Gives You The Desired Result

Had an awesome weekend.    Did some serious liftin' on Friday evening and abs feel sore as I write this.    

Nutritionally I feel better after a week void of alcohol and fried chicken.    Even though there is not any measurable progress my shirts feel looser and I again feel more energetic and focused.    Looking forward to additional benefits as I continue to exclude these two things from my diet. 

For this week I am going to rid my diet of any packaged sweets.    This is a curious choice for me because I do not usually eat sweets.   However, not eating the random sweets will do wonders for my overall health. 

Until we read again, 


Friday, June 27, 2014

What The Hokey Pokey Has To Do With Personal Improvement. Day Five 85 To Go

"Don't Focus On A Diet, Focus On Eating Healthy"
-From Nutritional Blog

So, I am heading to the gymnasium for a good workout after I post.   Although I could and will exercise more as the time progresses it is safe to say that I am pretty confident in this category. 

Nutrition, on the other hand is the aspect of my journey is definitely an area that can use some improving.    I can log what I ate today but it wouldn't do me or you any good because of the imperfection of the meals.    Food logs will be entered again in the near future, just not right now.    

One breakthrough that I did stumble upon is a strategy that when compounded on and worked with in  conjunction with conscious healthy eating habits will lead to desired improvements.    I started this week by stating that I would focus on not consuming alcoholic beverages of any sort or fried chicken of any sort, as of this writing I have not even craved these two calorie vehicles, if you will.  

Moving forward my strategy for the next 90 days is to introduce one or two foods a week that I am eliminating from my meals to add to the ones from the previous weeks.    So next week I will come up with two foods that I am no longer going to eat in addition to fried chicken and alcoholic beverages and will continue to do this until I am at a good place and will correct course as needed.  

As far as I see it the secret behind a successful transformation is to focus on Progress versus Perfection because like the Hokey Pokey;  that's what it's all about. 

Until we read again,



Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sometimes Losing Is Another Form Of Winning: Day Four 86 To Go

So I watched the USA advance in the World Cup at work today on a far away television and despite them losing 1-Nil to Germany they still showed American fans clapping and celebrating after the game.    The fans were clapping because since Portugal beat Ghana they will now advance to play Belgium next Tuesday in the Sweet 16 version of the World Cup.     So in essence sometime winning in losing, right?

No exercise today because I have an hour long workout scheduled with the most wonderful person in the world tomorrow and a personal trainer (which at times could be considered as the least wonderful person in the world). 

Nutritionally I did beat up the burger as I didn't eat one and I uniquely fasted between my first meal and 11:00 am.    There was a good reason for doing this at the time but I don't quite recall what it was at the time of this writing.    Here is my nutritional intake for the day:  Candy bar for breakfast (I know, healthy the reason I ate this was because there was a candy bar in my desk drawer which was given to me the day prior),   Chicken Quesidilla with onions, jalapenos and bell peppers at 11:00am, had some peanut butter around 12:30pm, some chips around 3 and this awesome Puerto Rican Rice Lasange with Chicken a little after 5pm.    Again not a nutritionally brilliant day but satisfied none the less. 

Until we read again, 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Motivational Picture Quote

Glad Camels Are No Longer Associated With Midweek: Day Three 87 To Go

Another perfect nutritionally imperfect day.    Some convenient eating, some emotional eating that stemmed from the ambiguity of the situation.     Let me see if I can remember what I ate:    Sausage Muffin,   Eggs and Hash Browns with free gravy (weird I know, don't judge, I was compelled to do it),    Two Enchilladas With Rice,   1/3 of an order of Chicken Nachos (had a late lunch with a friend who didn't want to eat alone), Cheeseburger, Chips, Meatballs and Rice.     Whew!    I kinda feel bad after eating all that, time to forgive and forget, focus on getting better and making tomorrow a better day.

There were some good strides made in physical activity.    Yesterday after my post I did an XBox 8 Minute Boot Camp Style workout, a balance and then a jump rope session.    Today I did a 20 minute HIIT style workout and increased my bodyweight lifting to 25 reps from 20 yesterday.     Very satisfied with the progress in the activity arena.     Need to tighten my belt on the nutrition starting tomorrow, or focus more on nutrition so that I can tighten my belt????   **  Mind Blown **

Today I found myself continually focused on what coulda shoulda been.      But I realize that if it shoulda been then it woulda been so that there is no need to cry in my soup.      The master architect of our lives (if that is what you believe) has a higher purpose for us and this is exactly the paths that we need to be on.

Until we read again,


p.s.    Are you a Nutritional Expert?   Great!   I am open to suggestions, comment below.
p.p.s.   A friend of mine who used to be a personal trainer shared the following YOU TUBE VIDEO with me.   I like this video, this fellow's talk is pretty intense to say the least.

stock-footage-fight-the-cholesterol-a-healthy-man-on-a-diet-fighting-against-the-junk-food-monster-hd-loop.jpg (400×226)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cause Someone Had A Bad Day? Day Two 88 To Go

Start with the less than perfect news and end with the better news.    Today was somewhat a nutritional bust due to stressful emotional eating, breakfast consisted of a sausage breakfast sandwich, followed by two Taco Tuesday overstuffed tacos (not too bad with the exception of the cheese and shell), supper was pretty good had some chicken soup with brown rice but I followed it up with a stress buster ice cream cone.    Which is pretty weird because I don't particularly care for sweets.     The biggest take away from this is to curb and be mindful of the emotional eating by not allowing my emotions to control my nutritional choices. 

The better news is that I completed an at-home body weight work-out that I found online.     This is a workout based on progression, I am very excited to do more.  This goes into the Progress Not Perfection that I was talking about in yesterday's post

I was reading the most fascinating article the other day about Roger Bannister and how he used the power of visualisation in order to be the first person to ever run a Four-Minute mile.      The gist of the article was because no one else had already completed the goal that Roger Bannister had set for himself that he had to see himself running a four-minute mile in his minds eye before he could actually did it.    We all know the rest of the story where Bannister successfully ran a Four Minute mile and how many countless number of people continue to do this through to this day thanks to Bannister's pioneer spirit. 

How are we imagining our future selves?    When we drift off into sleep at night do we see ourselves in better shape, effortlessly making the best nutritiously sound food choices, getting the correct amount of exercise and living a better overall lifestyle?   Or do we liberally should our beds as we fall asleep and allow your minds to fester in negative self-defeating thoughts about how out-of-shape you are, how you only eat crappy foods, how you hate the way you look in the mirror, etc?

The morals of today's story is:

  1. Be Mindful Of Emotional Eating
  2. Focus on Progress Not Perfection
  3. Visualize Yourself Running Your "Four Minute Mile" Before Bed And During Down Time 

Until we read again, 


p.s.    Thank you for the read.    If you have something to say I would love to hear it, COMMENT BELOW.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Just Another Magic Monday: Day One 89 To Go

I feel great as I write this.  

Nutritionally I started my day off with a Granola Bar at 8:49am, my second meal was a Chicken Quesidilla with Jalapenos,  Mushrooms and Bell Peppers at 11:46am,   there were some Pringle chips around 5:00pm and the most fascinating I had were "Canoes" or Banana Boats which are a Puerto Rican delicacy made with Ground Beef, Olives and Baked Bananas.    Interesting and different to say the least.

As of this writing there has not been any physical exercise.     Sometime between this post and bed time there will be a basic body weight exercise workout.     When it comes to change taking action is the name of the game.    MOTION CREATES EMOTION.

Until we read again,


p.s.   I realize today was a perfectly imperfect day but excited about the progress.    You are welcome to share any comments below.

Sunday Funday & The Last Supper

Yesterday was the last hurrah, before the 90 day journey.

Hi ho Silver.......AWAY!!!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

At Start Of 90 Day Journey

"It's not where you start, it's where you finish."

Here is a current photograph of myself and Pro Bowl Arizona Cardinals Cornerback Patrick Peterson

About Daddy Phoenix Rising

1314005688BP87y3.jpg (120×120)

We are were we are and there is no other place that we should be.    We are were we are as a decisions that we have made in the past and here is were we should be. 

Hello, my name is Jaxon Wolfe and I am on a mission.    On Monday June 23, 2014 the new version of me will emerge from the ashes of the former version  like the mythical Phoenix and I will document my journey on the blog.   The purpose of this documentation is to help and inspire others who are on or who wants to start a similar metaphorically powerful emergence from the ashes. 

The past is the past and as of this writing I know of no person past or present who can travel back in a Delorean to correct their past "mistakes".      The first step in this journey is to embrace the past, draw lessons from what happened, make peace with what you need to make peace with, let it go and move on.    Act in the now to create a favorable future. 

Our habits either make or break us and in order to control our futures in a favorable way is to discard current behaviours that are sending or have sent your life on a downward spiral and powerfully and emphatically create new habits that will propel our lives in an upward spiral of happiness, bliss and success. 

Everyone will have different things that they are focused on.    My focus will be on overall health.     I was just recently "fired" yes I was literally fired by a nutritional coach who works with top olympic and professional athletes with their nutritional and performance goals.     I will tell you a little more about that coaching relationship before I tell you about the break-up. 

Upon realizing that I was not as overly athletic as I desired to be I went online and found a nutrition coach.    I paid her fee, she sent me a list of approved foods, a meal plan including recipies and optimal meal timing.   

 I was to log my nutrition on a daily basis and send her a nightly e-mail with my nutrition and physical activity for that day.   She would then reply with feedback on what I did well and suggestions on what to do better moving forward.    After about two weeks of this my coach just sent me an e-mail message stating that she was terminating  our coaching relationship, refunding her fee in full, told me something along the lines of how I would lose about 20-30 pounds if I did nothing but stop drinking beer and she kept the door open by telling me that when I got serious about taking control of my health that she would be happy to help me. 

Speaking of overly athletic, there is a current photograph of me with Pro Bowl Arizona Cardinal Cornerback Patrick Peterson on Google Plus.     You may agree that it wouldn't hurt if I lost a few pounds. 

My goal for the next 90 days is to COMPLETELY STOP drinking beer or alcohol, exercise a minimum of three days a week using body-weight exercises and clean up my diet using sound nutritional principles.    I will be making somewhat daily entries in order to. 

Thank you for reading this.   I am open to your feedback and welcome you to comment at anytime.    Monday June 23, 2014 will be the start of a period of positive, powerful, uplifting change.

Until we read again, 


p.s.    1314005688BP87y3.jpg (120×120)