Friday, August 22, 2014

Varying Degrees Of Happiness In Kindergarten

Today was hands down my favourite day of this week thusfar.  I got to see my twins on a non-parenting day.  Their school allows for parents to bring their children lunches and even eat with them, so I decided to bring the girls a surprise lunch today.

Actually it was pre planned.  Yesterday when we spoke on the telephone Sue, the younger of the twins, said that she wanted for me to bring her lunch and hang out.  But Sally,  the twin who doesn't seem to be 100% on board with loving me right now, actually told me not to bring her lunch and made it 200% crystal clear that she WAS NOT going to be sitting with Sue and I at lunch today.

I empowered Sally,  telling her that she had my complete permission to change her mind and that if she decided that she wanted lunch today to just have her mom send me her lunch request in the morning and that I would bring it to her.

I signed into the front office of the school without a moment to spare and briskly walked into the cafeteria wearing a bright yellow "Visitors Badge" around my neck.  I saw both Sue and Sally serrendipitiously next to one another.   Sally was standing,  vigorously rubbing sanitizer in her hands and Sue was seated patiently waiting for her meal.

A huge smile engulfed my face as I waved and approached my girls.   I simultaneously placed Sue ' s lunch in her hands as I gently placed my hand on Sally ' s upper back and asked them both how they were doing.   Sue responded with a joyously curt "good" and started enjoying her meal whilst Sally abruptly pulled away and screamed "I AM NOT EATING WITH YOU! " in front of whoever was paying attention.   Sue made a slight attempt to persuade her sister to eat with us but Sally had obviously made up her mind.

I probably had one of the most joyously rewarding dining experiences in my life having lunch with Sue and all her classmates.  Sue introduced me with pride to all her little friends and they all tried to tell me cool things at the same time.   Innocence,  wonder,  amazement,  curiousity and all things good filled the room.  I attempted to make eye contact with Sally,  who was sitting a few tables over, and get her attention numerous times during the meal without much success.   It was clear that Sally didn't want anything to do with me as she glared angrily back once and ignored all other attempts.

After eating we went out to the playground for a brief recess before the end of their lunch period.  Sue was so excited that I was going to play and have recess with her and talked about that a lot while we were eating.   Sue continued to introduce me to anyone who hadn't already met me as her "Daddy Jaxon" and was clinging on to me the entire play period.

Sally,  on the other hand played keep away from me and wouldn't  speak to or get near me.  At one point she sent a little boy over to 'beat me up' then start shooting me with fake guns.   She also had another group of her friends throw a football at me when I wasn't looking.  Guess I don't know for sure whether or not Sally prompted this behavior but it was coming from the group of kids she was playing with.

Suddenly,  the bell rung.  All kids quickly and obediently ran into their respective line's and I said bye to the girls.   Sue acknowledged me and told me how excited she was about getting to spend the weekend with me.  Sally acted like I wasn't even there.

Author Robert Fulgrum (sp) wrote a brilliant book entitled "Everything I Learned In Kindergarten".  In this book he shares various stories and talks about how various life rules are learnt in kindergarten like; play nice,  use your manners,  respect others etc.   Today's experience definitely proved his theory to be true.  The experience, although not 100% favorable due to Sally ' s disinterest and standoffishness,  was definitely joyously therapudic.

I definitely look forward to dining with Sue and Sally at school again at least one other time this school year.  There is much happiness that is derived from being in such an environment.  Maybe next time Sally will be the one introducing me to her friends.

Until we read again, 


p.s. Happy First Day of school to those of you with children starting either right before or right after Labour Day.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I Won't Bad Mouth This Fast Food Behemoth Even Though.....

It would be easy to bad mouth this fast food establishment.    Mostly because everyone else does.    Remember that movie that Morgan Spurlock made about this place?     Pretty airtight logical and emotional case if you ask me.     This past weekend I grabbed a double jalapeno quadruple quartz perambulator burger from their $2.00 Or Better Menu and I got food poisoning for the first time in my life.  Not only did I embarrassingly hurl at a party that I drove about two hours to get to right when I got there, the entire social aspect of my weekend was dulled because of the venomous hamburger. 

Here's the million dollar question.    Why, despite well-made documentaries telling the general public about the dangers of this place and mine and similar stories do we still eat and fit our kids this bullshit?    This will have to be a rhetorical question because even though we have both already thought of a couple answers in our heads,  millions of folks are shoving this garbage into their faces as you are reading this. 

Does this lovely clown endorsed most popular restaurant on the globe sprinkle some type of addicting agent all over their meals to keep us coming back for more similar to what tobacco companies have supposedly been doing to cigarettes for years? 

Bottom line is that our favourite fast food restaurant is not at fault for our big waistlines and our self-imposed gastrointestinal horrors.   What's more they have been making strides to improve the quality and nutritional value of their food by adding apples to their Smile Meals and no longer Max Sizing their pop and french fry orders just to name a few examples.  WE ARE at fault for any damage that is caused here.    The market is speaking, as long as we are buying millions of hamburgers, shakes, fries, etc on a daily basis there is no one else at fault for their continued success.  

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tony Stewart Is Innocent ?

I stayed home from work today because of feeling under the weather and decided to catch up on some current events because I really don't follow the news.   The death of Robin Williams was tragic to hear about because of the actor that he was and his serious bout of depression.    The other thing that got me was how a vehicle driven by race car driver Tony Stewart murdered 20 year old Kevin Ward Jr.

Whether or not this was done intentionally this is a tragic moment because Tony Stewart was driving a vehicle that murdered another human being and Kevin Ward Jr is no longer on the physical plane.    Tragedy aside there are two curious things that I find about the story. 


First of all in my humble opinion NASCAR is not a "sport".   I'll give it that it could be entertaining and it has a large loyal fan base but it is not a "sport" in the traditional sense of the word only because if it was most if not all gymnasiums and aerobic classes would all but go out of business because your morning commute to work would replace your morning cardio.     Moral of my opinion; NASCAR is not a sport, if NASCAR is a sport that WWE wrestling is real. 

The second thing that I find curious about this story is how many folks are blindly supporting Tony Stewart presuming him innocent of doing any thing wrong and people are even asking for others to reach out to his sponsors to express support.   I get "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" but this is taking it to a new level.   These folks are saying that Tony Stewart is 'Innocent and Will Be Proven Innocent.'

This is an assine point to take because we don't know what we don't know.    If you don't believe me let's see what happened to Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers.   Aaron Rodgers blindly supported his friend Ryan Braun by publicly stating that Braun did not use performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) because Braun told Rodgers that he didn't during a private conversation.    Then one day out of the blue,  Ryan Braun was suspended from baseball because of PEDs and Mr. Rodgers had egg on his face.       Funny thing about this story is that Braun told Rodgers that he was innocent and did not take PEDs 

The moral of the story is that people can say what they want to say, do what they want to do and support who they want to support.   However, at the end of the day the truth shall prevail.  If someone is willing to lie to a high caliber friend to their face and end up being guilty why are some folks finding it so easy to defend Tony Stewart just because he is their favourite racer? 

Until we read again, 


p.s.   NASCAR is not a sport.   If anyone begs to differ I am open to commentary below. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Hungry Don't Get Fed

The Hungry Don't Get Fed

'Winner Didn't Even Know It Was Pie-Eating Contest" via
Have you ever heard of the saying "the hungry don't get fed" or the biblical equivalent "to he who hath more will be given"?  Basically this is saying that the person who is desperate for something will more than likely not get the thing they want when the person who is satisfied in an arena will probably get more of what they already have. 

Take today for instance.   I was treated to lunch at around 11:30am and then around 0200pm I was invited to a Hispanic themed catered buffet!    Are you kidding me?   I was already stuffed from my original lunch, how was I going to eat a buffet?!?!?!    Lucky for me I was resourceful so I packed up the second plate and took in home for supper.    Maybe this is what the person who said "There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch" had in mind when the phrase was coined...

The moral of today's story is to examine your life at your leisure and notice any areas where you are operating from a scarcity standpoint and then correct course only because The Hungry Don't Get Fed

Until we read again,


p.s.   For more information more why The Hungry Don't Get Fed and how you can improve your current lot in life feel free to visit the following website for some fantastically free resources.    

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Best Fitness Course Of 2014?

Are Your Biceps Big Enough?

Yesterday I was sitting across from a good friend of mine who was telling me that he was in the process of writing a fitness e-book.     He was telling me that what led him to this decision was that he was having random people in the gym walk up to him and ask if he could train them.    At first he thought that it was peculiar that people didn't know how to work out and eat right because it comes so intuitively to him.       Somewhere along the line a light went off in his mind to put something down on paper to teach individuals to reach their goals in a fool-proof, step-by-step paint by numbers fashion.   This is not some guy that is just blessed with good genetics and puts words on a paper and comes up with abstract almost impossible to perform exercises to give off the impression that he has a competitive advantage.   He is someone who has lost fat and has gained muscle quickly and efficiently using the principles that you will read about. 

Only because the product is still in it's infancy there is not too much else that could be divulged right now.   What I can say is that not only will the program be perfectly priced, it will also be specifically designed for you and your particular desired end result.   The best fitness advice that you will ever receive will be the advice that you get results from. 

Stay tuned.........the moment you have been waiting for may just be waiting in the wings. 

Until we read again,