Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Why I Won't Bad Mouth This Fast Food Behemoth Even Though.....

It would be easy to bad mouth this fast food establishment.    Mostly because everyone else does.    Remember that movie that Morgan Spurlock made about this place?     Pretty airtight logical and emotional case if you ask me.     This past weekend I grabbed a double jalapeno quadruple quartz perambulator burger from their $2.00 Or Better Menu and I got food poisoning for the first time in my life.  Not only did I embarrassingly hurl at a party that I drove about two hours to get to right when I got there, the entire social aspect of my weekend was dulled because of the venomous hamburger. 

Here's the million dollar question.    Why, despite well-made documentaries telling the general public about the dangers of this place and mine and similar stories do we still eat and fit our kids this bullshit?    This will have to be a rhetorical question because even though we have both already thought of a couple answers in our heads,  millions of folks are shoving this garbage into their faces as you are reading this. 

Does this lovely clown endorsed most popular restaurant on the globe sprinkle some type of addicting agent all over their meals to keep us coming back for more similar to what tobacco companies have supposedly been doing to cigarettes for years? 

Bottom line is that our favourite fast food restaurant is not at fault for our big waistlines and our self-imposed gastrointestinal horrors.   What's more they have been making strides to improve the quality and nutritional value of their food by adding apples to their Smile Meals and no longer Max Sizing their pop and french fry orders just to name a few examples.  WE ARE at fault for any damage that is caused here.    The market is speaking, as long as we are buying millions of hamburgers, shakes, fries, etc on a daily basis there is no one else at fault for their continued success.  

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