Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Best Fitness Course Of 2014?

Are Your Biceps Big Enough?

Yesterday I was sitting across from a good friend of mine who was telling me that he was in the process of writing a fitness e-book.     He was telling me that what led him to this decision was that he was having random people in the gym walk up to him and ask if he could train them.    At first he thought that it was peculiar that people didn't know how to work out and eat right because it comes so intuitively to him.       Somewhere along the line a light went off in his mind to put something down on paper to teach individuals to reach their goals in a fool-proof, step-by-step paint by numbers fashion.   This is not some guy that is just blessed with good genetics and puts words on a paper and comes up with abstract almost impossible to perform exercises to give off the impression that he has a competitive advantage.   He is someone who has lost fat and has gained muscle quickly and efficiently using the principles that you will read about. 

Only because the product is still in it's infancy there is not too much else that could be divulged right now.   What I can say is that not only will the program be perfectly priced, it will also be specifically designed for you and your particular desired end result.   The best fitness advice that you will ever receive will be the advice that you get results from. 

Stay tuned.........the moment you have been waiting for may just be waiting in the wings. 

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