Monday, July 7, 2014

Portion Control & Falling Off The Wagon

Haven't blogged for a while, feel completed to share some thought provoking thoughts before retiring for the evening.

One is that I learned eliminating certain foods\caloric vehicles from your body does have an almost immediate impact and the second thing that I stumbled upon today is that portion control can have a similar effect if not better when eating the proper foods.

Here is an excellent quote that I saw the other day while skimming the web:

"Losing weight is like driving.   If you miss your turn all you have to do is make a u-turn to get back on track" 

Here is another phenomenal quotation that I came across that is actually pretty poignant in my current situation:

"Even The Greatest of Greatests Fall.   Get Back Up.   Dust Yourself & Keep Movin' " 

Have the best day of your life.

Until we read again,



p.p.s.    In case you are not aware the fellow on the ground in the above photograph is the great Muhammad Ali.

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