Thursday, July 3, 2014

Texting In The Boys Room


With the popularity of texting one would think that the word 'texting' would actually be recognized by spell check.    You ever wonder what some folks would do if they did not have their smart phones as a reprieve while, waiting for anything, walking anywhere or driving for some although it is highly recommended that you don't text and drive?    There is even a video that went viral a few years ago of a woman falling into a water fountain in a shopping mall because she was too busy playing on her telephone to realize where she was going.

The following observation of Extreme Texting For Men may cause a few WTF's or TMI's but you will definitely have something to think about.    I used to be under the impression that a bio break was a type of mini-vacation built into our day to allow us to just relax and de-stress if needs be.    Recently a new phenomenon has been observed that I would like to discuss here.    The observed male Extreme Texting behvaiour that has been sweeping the nation is texing at the urinal.   The one handed urinal text is the preferred method but the two handed urinating text is also employed in extreme circumstances.  The biggest question here is what could be so important that one feels compelled to text during this time of your day?

Moral of the story.   Do what you want, live and let live while realising how extreme text messaging may or may not be controlling your health.

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