Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Dirty $30

Sweat is pouring off of my hands and onto the keyboard as I write this.   I just completed my make shift body weight exercise at 30 reps per exercise and I feel great.    Looking forward to a possible gym workout over the next couple days. 

Speaking of the gym, I received an e-mail earlier today stating that my employer was able to negotiate a wonderful corporate rate at the local fitness centere for $29.99 a person for the entire family.     At first I thought that this was a screaming bargain because if you had a family of eight including yourself you would pretty much be paying $3.75 a month per person for a gym membership.     After reading it a couple times and talking about it with some of my colleagues I learned that the same membership for eight people would cost $239.92 per month because the super-duper spectacular corporate rate of $29.99 was the per person rate. 

Needless to say I will not be requesting a membership at this gymnasium, at least not at the $29.99 rate only because I would be able to negotiate a lower rate as a walk-in client. 

This causes me to think of something.     How prevalent is money as an obstruction between people and their current health goals, if at all?    Also, how much is too much to pay for a gym membership?   Finally, is the amount you pay for membership to a fitness centere and food in direct proportion to one's potential results?   (i.e.   The more you spend the more fit you get or at least are motivated to get.)

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