Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Why We Eat Horribly

How Dollars and Cents Are Causing Us To Consume What Doesn't Make Sense

I was standing in line behind a woman who was purchasing a salad about the size of a small cereal bowl at the cafeteria earlier today.    When she got up to the cash register she placed her Styrofoam container of salad on a scale and was charged a whopping $4.88 for her small salad comprised of mostly spinach, croutons and some egg whites.    The fellow in front of her paid a little over $6 for what looked like to be a bagful of tater tots (any Napoleon Dynamite fans) and a king-kong 3/4 pound bacon blue cheese burger.    

I can easily see where a person who is price sensitive or of the bang for the buck mindset would make a poor nutritional choice at this point.     What are you thoughts?    Do you ever make economically based food choices?    Would you make better choices if better food was less costly than their least healthy alternatives?     Comment Below. 

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  1. You're on to something here. Why is that an 8 pack of hunny buns are $1.99 and my favorite apples are a $3.49/lb?

    1. Exactly..... We teach our kids to spend wisely and save money but this is not always congruent with making sound nutritional choices.