Saturday, June 21, 2014

About Daddy Phoenix Rising

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We are were we are and there is no other place that we should be.    We are were we are as a decisions that we have made in the past and here is were we should be. 

Hello, my name is Jaxon Wolfe and I am on a mission.    On Monday June 23, 2014 the new version of me will emerge from the ashes of the former version  like the mythical Phoenix and I will document my journey on the blog.   The purpose of this documentation is to help and inspire others who are on or who wants to start a similar metaphorically powerful emergence from the ashes. 

The past is the past and as of this writing I know of no person past or present who can travel back in a Delorean to correct their past "mistakes".      The first step in this journey is to embrace the past, draw lessons from what happened, make peace with what you need to make peace with, let it go and move on.    Act in the now to create a favorable future. 

Our habits either make or break us and in order to control our futures in a favorable way is to discard current behaviours that are sending or have sent your life on a downward spiral and powerfully and emphatically create new habits that will propel our lives in an upward spiral of happiness, bliss and success. 

Everyone will have different things that they are focused on.    My focus will be on overall health.     I was just recently "fired" yes I was literally fired by a nutritional coach who works with top olympic and professional athletes with their nutritional and performance goals.     I will tell you a little more about that coaching relationship before I tell you about the break-up. 

Upon realizing that I was not as overly athletic as I desired to be I went online and found a nutrition coach.    I paid her fee, she sent me a list of approved foods, a meal plan including recipies and optimal meal timing.   

 I was to log my nutrition on a daily basis and send her a nightly e-mail with my nutrition and physical activity for that day.   She would then reply with feedback on what I did well and suggestions on what to do better moving forward.    After about two weeks of this my coach just sent me an e-mail message stating that she was terminating  our coaching relationship, refunding her fee in full, told me something along the lines of how I would lose about 20-30 pounds if I did nothing but stop drinking beer and she kept the door open by telling me that when I got serious about taking control of my health that she would be happy to help me. 

Speaking of overly athletic, there is a current photograph of me with Pro Bowl Arizona Cardinal Cornerback Patrick Peterson on Google Plus.     You may agree that it wouldn't hurt if I lost a few pounds. 

My goal for the next 90 days is to COMPLETELY STOP drinking beer or alcohol, exercise a minimum of three days a week using body-weight exercises and clean up my diet using sound nutritional principles.    I will be making somewhat daily entries in order to. 

Thank you for reading this.   I am open to your feedback and welcome you to comment at anytime.    Monday June 23, 2014 will be the start of a period of positive, powerful, uplifting change.

Until we read again, 


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