Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Glad Camels Are No Longer Associated With Midweek: Day Three 87 To Go

Another perfect nutritionally imperfect day.    Some convenient eating, some emotional eating that stemmed from the ambiguity of the situation.     Let me see if I can remember what I ate:    Sausage Muffin,   Eggs and Hash Browns with free gravy (weird I know, don't judge, I was compelled to do it),    Two Enchilladas With Rice,   1/3 of an order of Chicken Nachos (had a late lunch with a friend who didn't want to eat alone), Cheeseburger, Chips, Meatballs and Rice.     Whew!    I kinda feel bad after eating all that, time to forgive and forget, focus on getting better and making tomorrow a better day.

There were some good strides made in physical activity.    Yesterday after my post I did an XBox 8 Minute Boot Camp Style workout, a balance and then a jump rope session.    Today I did a 20 minute HIIT style workout and increased my bodyweight lifting to 25 reps from 20 yesterday.     Very satisfied with the progress in the activity arena.     Need to tighten my belt on the nutrition starting tomorrow, or focus more on nutrition so that I can tighten my belt????   **  Mind Blown **

Today I found myself continually focused on what coulda shoulda been.      But I realize that if it shoulda been then it woulda been so that there is no need to cry in my soup.      The master architect of our lives (if that is what you believe) has a higher purpose for us and this is exactly the paths that we need to be on.

Until we read again,


p.s.    Are you a Nutritional Expert?   Great!   I am open to suggestions, comment below.
p.p.s.   A friend of mine who used to be a personal trainer shared the following YOU TUBE VIDEO with me.   I like this video, this fellow's talk is pretty intense to say the least.

stock-footage-fight-the-cholesterol-a-healthy-man-on-a-diet-fighting-against-the-junk-food-monster-hd-loop.jpg (400×226)

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