Friday, June 27, 2014

What The Hokey Pokey Has To Do With Personal Improvement. Day Five 85 To Go

"Don't Focus On A Diet, Focus On Eating Healthy"
-From Nutritional Blog

So, I am heading to the gymnasium for a good workout after I post.   Although I could and will exercise more as the time progresses it is safe to say that I am pretty confident in this category. 

Nutrition, on the other hand is the aspect of my journey is definitely an area that can use some improving.    I can log what I ate today but it wouldn't do me or you any good because of the imperfection of the meals.    Food logs will be entered again in the near future, just not right now.    

One breakthrough that I did stumble upon is a strategy that when compounded on and worked with in  conjunction with conscious healthy eating habits will lead to desired improvements.    I started this week by stating that I would focus on not consuming alcoholic beverages of any sort or fried chicken of any sort, as of this writing I have not even craved these two calorie vehicles, if you will.  

Moving forward my strategy for the next 90 days is to introduce one or two foods a week that I am eliminating from my meals to add to the ones from the previous weeks.    So next week I will come up with two foods that I am no longer going to eat in addition to fried chicken and alcoholic beverages and will continue to do this until I am at a good place and will correct course as needed.  

As far as I see it the secret behind a successful transformation is to focus on Progress versus Perfection because like the Hokey Pokey;  that's what it's all about. 

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