Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sometimes Losing Is Another Form Of Winning: Day Four 86 To Go

So I watched the USA advance in the World Cup at work today on a far away television and despite them losing 1-Nil to Germany they still showed American fans clapping and celebrating after the game.    The fans were clapping because since Portugal beat Ghana they will now advance to play Belgium next Tuesday in the Sweet 16 version of the World Cup.     So in essence sometime winning in losing, right?

No exercise today because I have an hour long workout scheduled with the most wonderful person in the world tomorrow and a personal trainer (which at times could be considered as the least wonderful person in the world). 

Nutritionally I did beat up the burger as I didn't eat one and I uniquely fasted between my first meal and 11:00 am.    There was a good reason for doing this at the time but I don't quite recall what it was at the time of this writing.    Here is my nutritional intake for the day:  Candy bar for breakfast (I know, healthy the reason I ate this was because there was a candy bar in my desk drawer which was given to me the day prior),   Chicken Quesidilla with onions, jalapenos and bell peppers at 11:00am, had some peanut butter around 12:30pm, some chips around 3 and this awesome Puerto Rican Rice Lasange with Chicken a little after 5pm.    Again not a nutritionally brilliant day but satisfied none the less. 

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